Welcome to Afghanistan National Nursery Growers' Organization

Afghanistan National Nursery Growers' Organization (ANNGO)


The Afghanistan National Nursery Growers' Organization (ANNGO) has been established in 2008 with the financial support from European Commission funded Perennial Horticulture Development Projects (PHDP1 & 2). ANNGO is registered with the Ministry of Economy as a non-governmental organization (NGO). ANNGO acts as a national apex body for the fruit tree nursery growers of Afghanistan. Membership is comprised representatives of local nursery grower associations (NGAs) from all the main fruit tree nursery growing parts of the country. Up to now, Sep 2018, there are 29 local nursery growers associations in 26 provinces of Afghanistan.

The main services provided by the organization are.

  • Provide technical assistance to all nursery growers in Afghanistan.
  • Register, inspect and certify all eligible fruit trees nurseries and issue label for the certified nurseries.
  • Release true- to-type and free of virus mother trees to MSN owners of nursery grower associations.
  • Provide virus free clonal rootstocks of all species to member nursery growers.
  • Provide all type of technical trainings to Field Managers of NGAs and extension officers of NGOs and external parties working in the field of nursery development in Afghanistan.
  • Provide virus indexing, fungal and bacterial testing services to orchard growers and NGA members.
  • Improvement of nursery techniques
  • Provides certified and true-to-type budwood of all fruit species available in Afghanistan to nursery growers for the production of certified saplings
  • Facilitate movement of certified saplings of NGA members to all provinces of Afghanistan & export to other countries.
  • Provide citrus seed mother trees and certified saplings of all species of citrus to orchard growers.
  • Establishment of different parks and landscape designs based on customer's needs
  • Business improvement and marketing promotion services.